How to Write an Article

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Step Number One

Professional content writers are exactly that, professional. They take their jobs seriously. When a professional writer has been provided with instructions from a client, they read them carefully to get an understanding of what is required. Professional writers usually note down any points of interest or special instructions that the article requester has given.

Step Number Two

If the article is for your own use then you would normally have chosen a topic or you may have been provided with one as a need of necessity. Ask yourself what are you going to write about and in what way are you going to talk about the topic. View article about the different writing approaches you can use. Think about the final use of the article and tailor the article to suit its purpose. Think about it: is it promotion, informative article with a action involved from the reader, is it purely for education purposes. Pick a number of approaches from the different article approach types. View example articles.

You can use anywhere from 1 to all of the different approaches in your article, this depends on the length of an article and the purpose.

Next brainstorm for ideas, writing down ideas and thoughts about the subject. Professional writers do a lot of research on each of the approaches and create some points or questions that they want to cover.

Finally, after jotting down all of the ideas a professional writer valuates whether the ideas are suitable and chooses a method of executing these ideas with the end goal of that article always in mind.

Step Number Three

Know your audience. Professional writers always evaluate the contents purpose. Is this piece of web content being written for a specific audience, for example a particular profession or type of person such as a Internet marketer? Or is this audience knowledgeable about the topic already or are they only new to the subject. Having an understanding on whom the audience is will allow you to set a suitable tone for the article and orientate the content so that the audience finds value in the article.

Step Number Four

Research the topic in detail to provide information that is not common knowledge. When writing an article it is a good idea to have something important, different or informative to say and research is a good way of educating yourself about the topic. There are many resources you can use to find relevant content about a subject. Obviously you can use the internet search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, Wikipedia and the many other information sites on the Internet. When using these sort of resources however it is important to rewrite the information in your own way. Professional writers do not copy information from other sites as this is copyright infringement, they always re-write in their own words the information. The only time when a professional writer will not re-write it in their own words, is in quotes that a particular person has said or when it is a fact in figures, for example a percentage rate.

Step Number Five

Professional writers will always layout a outline of the article and will create a few points they will cover in details. Creating a few points before writing the article is a great way of focusing the efforts of the articles purpose. This is a simple trick to help any writer provide valuable content as well it helps in the prevention of writing filler content that has no value. It is best practice to write unique top quality content for websites as this helps the websites web marketing, web ranking and content marketing efforts.

Step Number Six

Commence Writing. Professional writers are aware there is a method to writing an article.

Always start with an introduction, then the body and conclusion. In the introduction the writer should start by telling the audience what they are going to told about and what they can expect to learn. The body of the article is the details about the topic and mention different points that will connect to the reader and provide valuable information that they were told to expect. The conclusion is where the article is summarized and state any conclusions that the reader should have come to when reading the article. This method of writing is called “being taken down the garden path” by many professional writers as this neatly explains the process.

Step Number Seven

Once the article is completed, professional writers will always proof read the article to find and fix any errors. They also read the article to make sure it reads well and covers the topics well. A common first step is to read the article aloud to ones self, making any mental notes to fully pronounce every word. This helps the writer find grammar errors and inconstancy in the article. Once a reading is completed and any errors have been fixed, this process is repeated again and again until the article is deemed to be satisfactory. Next process is usually to look for spelling errors as a spell checker does not always pick these up. It is quite common for a word to be found in an article that is the wrong word for the sentence but it is spelt correctly or it could be missing a letter such as “s” or “y”, professional writers always check for these.

Once a professional writer, be it a press release writer, a blog writer, sales copy writer or any type of writer, has been through the process of writing and checking a few times, they get used to all of these and it all becomes unconscious competence writing. If you follow the steps above, one day you too will be able to call yourself a Professional Writer.

Article Writing Tips

When you are writing an article there are a few items that you can include: who, why, where, when, what and how. If you answer these questions, you are half way to writing a good article.

Check grammar and spelling as you go and when you have finished the article. Spend the time correcting these during the creation process and once the article is complete and don’t forget to include LSI keywords.

What is a LSI keyword? LSI keywords are related keywords and can be found by using Google adwords keyword tool. An example of LSI keywords are words you might find in the same paragraph as a specific keyword ( related keywords ) eg if the keyword is “Article Writing” then LSI keywords include the following: SEO article, web content writing, article writers, article writing service etc.

Do not keyword stuff.

Using too many of the same or related keywords can make an article sounds very unnatural, this will affect the quality of the article. Remember high quality content is king and is essential for success in web marketing. Make sure the article reads naturally and is informative, this is most important.

Use bullet points to break up and highlight some valuable information. Bullet points or numbered points can make writing an article a lot simpler in terms of organization. This is because you no longer have to figure out transitions from one point to the next. An Example is “10 Ways to find the best Article Writing Solution”.

Another great side benefit is that readers like lists, they are easier for the eye to follow and help in everything from sales to conversions.

Basically, a Google friendly and optimal article comes down to 7 things:

  • A writers skill and experience
  • A writers SEO knowledge and skill
  • The writers good use of grammar
  • Good spelling
  • Research and knowledge of the topic
  • Unique content ( make sure to use a service that copyscape tests all submitted content just like does ) You never want to pay for a copied article.
  • A well written article that grabs the reader’s attention.

For further tips on writing a good article you can read the following article.

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