So & Too - Commonly Confused Words In English

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So & too - are two words that are commonly confused. There are some situations when so & too can be used the same, but there are many situations when so & too mean different things.

So & too -are used like the word “very”. “So” & “too” are used to emphasis, state some thing is extreme and/or intense.

Grammar: So & too are both used before an adjective or an adverb. So/too + adverb/adjective

So - be used to say something either positive or negative.

  • I love you so much.
  • I am so happy, that I am going to visit New York.
  • The food is so hot, that I can't eat it.
  • It is so cold outside, that I got sick.

Too – is usually used to state something negative.

  • That doll is too expensive.
  • That house is too big.
  • We want to buy a car but it is too expensive.

Examples of so & too being used the same way:

  • It is so hot outside.
  • It too hot outside.
  • The food in the restaurant is so expensive.
  • The food in the restaurant is too expensive.

Examples of too being used in a positive way:

  • You are too good hearted.
  • Your are too adorable.
  • They are too generous.

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