Mix Up - Phrasal Verb

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Mix Up – to blend thoroughly and completely

  • You have to mix up the flour, sugar etc. to make the cake.
  • I can not find my socks, all the socks are mixed up in a bag.
  • My sister mixed up her clothes with my clothes. Now we have to go though the clothes and sort them out.
  • Did you mix up the salad?
  • My father mixed up all the papers. I can't find my papers.

2. Mix Up - to confuse or to be confused

  • I always get the twins mixed up.
  • Which house do you live in? I always get mixed up.
  • The sandwiches got mixed up. I am not sure which sandwich is your's and which sandwich is Kim's.
  • The lady in the store got mixed up, and she gave me the wrong change.
  • I took the wrong train. I got mixed up.
  • I got mixed up in the store, and I bought the wrong kind of cookies.

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