Cover Letter Tips - Writing Resumes &Cover Letters

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When you send your resume, it's just as important to write a really good cover letter. A good cover letter really can give a excellent first impress.

Here are some basic tips for writing a cover letter:

Resource the company and send your cover letter & resume to the person that is going to hire you, after all it's that person you want to impress. It's best to use there full name and title (if they have a title then use it.

Do not sent out one standard cover letter to everyone, personal each letter according to the job your are looking for &; don't send a photocopy for your cover letter.

If at all possible get the name of the person you want to sent your resume to, most people don't like it when they are called Mr. Ms. or in my case web-master. It's important to personalize the cover letter each cover letter

Write the cover letter using the started business letter form.

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